Author Guidelines

Submission Requirements

WIJAR welcomes submissions from both internal and external institutions.

Prior to submission, review the submission requirements in depth and adhere to format, structure and citation style listed. After your article passes through the peer review process, it will receive a response of either: “accepted”, “conditionally accepted with minor revisions required”, “conditionally accepted with major revisions required” or “declined submission.”

Submission Checklist 

Please note that articles received that do not meet these specifications will be returned to the author. Read the following carefully. 

  • Only one article per author per year may be submitted
  • Ensure that the written work belongs solely to the author(s) and is original content. Any information obtained from an outside source must be properly cited in APA 7th edition.
  • If human subjects were used in the research, approval from an Institutional Review Board (IRB), Ethical Committee, or the equivalent in your geographic region must have been given prior to starting the research. Proof of approval is required upon submission.
  • Article has been pre-edited and is almost entirely free of spelling and grammatical errors
  • Length of article is under 5,000 words
  • Research must have proof of IRB approval prior to study being conducted with participants
  • Upload article as a Microsoft Word document
    • Upload as the entire article without the title page – this includes the abstract, the body, tables/figures, and references (This is your entire article – the title page is submitted separately).
    • Author’s information or affiliation should not be included throughout the article (Ensuring a blind review)
  • Title page should be in APA 7th edition format, uploaded separately, and include the following information:
    • Author(s) full name(s) with respective titles (PhD, MD, PhD student, etc.), institutions, departments, city,  and contact emails 
    • Word count
    • Full title of the article 
    • Include information on any conflicts of interest either here or when submitting through the submission platform (Click here)
  • Download submission checklist, confirm each criteria has been completed, and upload as a supplementary file
  • All tables and figures should include a short, descriptive title, and should be embedded within the article where they are first mentioned 
  • Figures should be labeled, taking into account necessary size reduction upon publication
  • Research articles must include: Abstract, introduction, literature review/body of paper (methods and results must be clearly labeled), implications, conclusions, references page
  • Authors with questions on format specifications or structure should refer to the WIJAR Resources tab  


  • Abstracts must be between 100-300 words and contain a minimum of three keywords 
  • Entirety of article should not exceed 5,000 words


  • Include the full title of the article at the top of the first page
  • 12pt font, Times New Roman
  • Entire article should  be double-spaced, including references
  • APA 7th edition 
  • Article should begin with an abstract (no more than 300 words)
  • Do not include headers or footers


Follow APA 7th edition. See examples below. 

Heading Examples


  • All tables/figures are introduced and referenced in text 
  • All tables/figures are incorporated according to APA 7th edition standards 
  • Table and figures legends are incorporated above the table or figure
  • Tables should be incorporated in the Microsoft Word document using the ‘Insert Table’  function 
  • All columns must have a heading


  • Each article must have a references page 
  • Relies heavily on current research (within past 5 years)
  • Must be listed on a separate page at the end of the article 
  • Double-spaced and adhere to APA 7th edition standards  
  • Listed alphabetically


Samples of aforementioned format guidelines as well as additional writing support resources can be found under our Resources tab