Types of Submissions

Westcliff International  Journal of Applied Research accepts three types of submissions.

Categories that will be accepted include: 

Research Articles: These types of written works analyze original research to determine results that contribute to pre-existing information in a given area. 

Review Papers: These types of written works summarize current ways of understanding a particular topic.  

Classroom Explorations: These types  of written works are short articles that offer a voice for educators, teacher educators and students to share their beliefs, perspectives and challenges concerning teaching and learning in today’s world. Additionally, these articles can be used as means to disseminate successful classroom practices and stories that will aid readers in understanding and reflecting on the complexity of education and the challenges encountered in the classroom.

Submissions must not have been published previously in any form or be under review in another journal. It is requested that authors refrain from submitting their material to another journal until after they have completed the editorial decision process with WIJAR.