The influence of training courses, customer relationship, and human resource management on customer focus among construction companies

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Author: Hooman Abadi, Mohammad Mehdi Neizari

Issue: Spring Issue, 2018

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Reflecting upon language allows teachers, not only to have a greater insight on how English, the language they This study focuses on the influence of training courses, customer relationship and human resource management on customer focus among construction companies. This is due to the lack of information on its effectiveness. These problems may explain why the main players are less responsive to the implementation and practice of a mediating effect of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Human Resource management (HRM) on the relationship between Training Courses (TC) and Customer Focus (CF). It is essential that an appropriate model of CRM and HRM be used by administrators and professionals. The proposed model is based on the dependent variable, CF, and the independent variables, TC and mediator (CRM, HRM). This research is a descriptive-survey and inferential type based on the data collection method where parametric tests were used with the help of SPSS. The results of this research can be used in decision making, policy making, and also planning. In conclusion, it can be inferred that the relationship between CRM and HRM is still at its infancy stage, and as such, serious attention is needed among the players in the development of construction companies.