Soft Skills and IS/IT Project Management: A Case Study of Nepalese IS/IT Professionals

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Author: Rajib Subba, Yujesh Maleku, Bhanu Shrestha

Issue: Fall Issue, 2021

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There is an increasing focus on managing and executing Information System/Information Technology (IS/IT) projects with geographically and culturally dispersed teams. Best practices, theories, and a body of knowledge on managing projects have been well-established, but there is a limited understanding of Nepal's multi-cultural IS/IT project management dynamics. In this study, we conducted a purposive survey to determine the soft skills that are given significance by the Nepalese IS/IT professionals working in a multicultural environment. The first three preferred essential skills identified by the survey are communication, team building, and leadership skills. In contrast, the respondents perceived trustworthiness and organizational effectiveness as the least essential soft skills for IS/IT projects. Among the emerging soft skills, capacity for analysis and synthesis and critical thinking skills were considered highly essential for IS/IT projects. Work ethic and ability to work in an international context came second and third, respectively. We expect our findings to help Nepali IS/IT project managers understand which soft skills are valued most in their respective workplaces in the various phases of project management.