Resilience and Responsiveness in the Logistics Industry during Disruptive Events: A Case Study on the Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic

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Author: Richa Thakkar

Issue: Spring Issue, 2024

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Understanding operational resilience during disruptive events is critical in the dynamic global logistics field. This qualitative study explores the challenges faced by a logistics company during the COVID-19 pandemic based on surveys and interviews with twelve logistics management experts. A thematic analysis was used to identify recurring themes regarding logistics disruptions and response strategies. The data revealed internal disruptions such as delays in pickup or delivery, inaccurate delivery information, and communication challenges with drivers. External disruptions include supply-demand imbalances, freight rate volatility, port congestion, and unexpected supplier shutdowns. Strategies to enhance logistics resilience are discussed, emphasizing strategic decision-making, robust leadership, digitalization for improved communication and supply chain visibility, and agility in adapting to change. These findings provide a thorough understanding of logistics disruptions and offer practical recommendations for professionals to navigate challenges and strengthen their logistics operations.