Management Information Systems and Correlation Between E-Business and Information Security from a Business Intelligence Perspective

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Author: Hajar El Qasemy

Issue: Spring Issue, 2024

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The research focus was motivated by the emergence of electronic business which increased during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. The research is a literature review and its purpose is to build awareness about the importance of information security and to analyze the correlation between information security and electronic business in an environment where electronic business is emerging and the gap between electronic business and information security is enlarging. The research is a review of peer-reviewed articles retrieved from case studies, empirical research, case analysis, literature reviews, comparative studies, systematic reviews, and conceptual analysis dating from the years of 2018 to 2023. This literature review defines four business intelligence concepts: management information systems, value driven business, electronic business, and information security. This literature review also reveals the effects of all four business intelligence concepts on organizations’ decision-making and financial objectives. Findings of this literature review revealed that electronic businesses need a stronger risk management approach regarding information security. The conclusion shows that the current technological approach and information security tools such as encryption key management, mantraps, and network intrusion detection systems do not ensure trust and/or eliminate digital security risks.