Influence of All Sexual Orientations and Gender Identity Upon Work Authenticity Through Satisfaction with Supervisor

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Author: Paula S. Berbeco, Jerimy Blowers, Joseph A. Gioia, & Michael Epstein

Issue: Fall Issue, 2022

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The ability for workers to be authentic in the workplace benefits individuals and organizations alike. However, empirical studies examining the influences of employees’ satisfaction with a supervisor and authenticity are limited, especially for employees with identities such as LGBTQIA. Therefore, this exploratory study aimed to investigate state-based versus trait-based perceived work authenticity, satisfaction with a supervisor, and the influence of sexual orientation and gender identity within one Fortune 50 company in the United States. In addition, differences in perceived authenticity and satisfaction with a supervisor were assessed by dividing participants into two groups—one as LGBTQIA and the second as cisgender and heterosexual. Quantitative data was collected with a cross-sectional online survey assessing work authenticity, satisfaction with one’s supervisor, and demographic questions. The analysis and empirical tests included descriptive statistics, Pearson correlation, independent t-tests, and general linear models. Findings from this research study indicated that authenticity correlates to satisfaction with one’s supervisor, and workers who identify as LGBTQIA report lower levels of authenticity, especially in self-alienation. Recommendations are provided regarding future research and improved organizational and human resource management practices for an authentic workforce or diversity and inclusion.