Exploring the Gender Dimension in Entrepreneurship Development: A Systematic Literature Review in the Context of Bangladesh

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Author: Mehedi Hasan Emon & Meherun Nisa Nipa

Issue: Spring Issue, 2024

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This systematic literature review explores the nuanced gender dimension in Bangladesh's entrepreneurship development. Employing a meticulous research methodology, including a comprehensive search strategy, data extraction, thematic analysis, and ethical considerations, the review synthesizes academic literature to unveil challenges faced by women entrepreneurs. The findings reveal formidable obstacles, such as restricted access to formal financial resources due to gender biases, societal norms reinforcing traditional roles, a lack of tailored training, and barriers to networking and mentorship. Government initiatives, including Women Entrepreneur Development Associations, reserved quotas, and microcredit programs, aim to address these challenges and promote gender-inclusive entrepreneurship. Women-led enterprises significantly contribute to job creation, local economic growth, and income redistribution. Beyond economic impact, women's entrepreneurship enhances decision-making power, challenging traditional gender norms and fostering equity. The review emphasizes the need for targeted policies, improved access to capital and skills development, and awareness campaigns. Recommendations include eliminating gender-based financial discrimination, developing comprehensive training, expanding mentorship, and highlighting the broader economic impact. Public awareness campaigns challenging stereotypes are vital for a supportive environment. Future research should explore policy effectiveness, technology's role, experiences of marginalized communities, and long-term impacts. Addressing these areas with evidence-based policies can create an enabling environment where women entrepreneurs thrive, contributing to a more inclusive, equitable, and prosperous society. This review serves as a valuable resource for policymakers, researchers, and stakeholders committed to advancing gender-inclusive entrepreneurship in Bangladesh and beyond.