Emotional intelligence in higher education: Perspectives of Nepalese college students

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Author: Bhawana Shrestha

Issue: Spring Issue, 2018

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This paper explores the perspective of college students regarding emotional intelligence in higher education. A great number of changes in the education system globally has developed new expectations for teachers. These days, teachers are not just the authority in a classroom but a mentor. Thus, emotions play a significant role in the teaching and learning process. This paper argues that mastery in subject matter does not make the best teacher in the eyes of students, rather emotional intelligence does. Emotional intelligence is neither the opposite of intelligence nor just the battle between mind and heart, but it is the unique intersection of both. Quantitative research was done with 201 college students from different educational backgrounds. The data was analyzed with the theoretical modality influenced by Daniel Goleman's ‘Emotional Intelligence' method. The first part of the research explores what aspects of teacher’s students associate with being the best, and the second portion explores what behaviors the students want in their teachers in general. This research helps to identify emotional intelligence, a new domain introduced in the teaching and learning process, as significant, even from the student's perspective.